What is the whole thing about really?


I'm so glad you asked. Samuel Burr Art is about beauty, exploration, and taking risks. 

I decided that as an artist I had 2 choices. Sit and think about what I would like to create or actually go out into the world and do it. I love beautiful things and I love finding them in unexpected places. Since one can be a 'starving artist' anywhere, I chose to leave my country of birth, take a risk and try something new. I hope you enjoy what has become of it.

I dabble in painting, leather, lighting and story telling. One never knows what I may try next. Yes, I am still starving. No, my art is not well known nor will it probably ever be. But I'm happy and I'm having a blast living the life God has blessed me with. 




All images on this site I shot myself. Enjoy!